Rizzen Powerstation 300W

 80 000 mAh / 296Wh
Peak output value 500W
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R5 499.00


Rizzen Powerstation 600W

156000mAh / 577Wh
Peak output value 1000W
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R8 499.00


Up to 50.2 times.
Phone (3110mAh)

Up to 6 hours.
Laptop (87W)

Up to 7.4 hours .
LCD TV (70W)

Up to 6.5 hours.
Electric blanket (80W)

Up to 1.5 hours.
Electric drill (345W)

Up to 5.2 hours.
Projector (100W)

Up to 8.7 hours.
Drone (60W)

Up to 8 hours.
Car refrigerator (65W)

Keep Your Wi-Fi Always On

Rizzen, Mini DC UPS, POE-45P

Highly compatible with most CCTV systems, mobile devices, Routers & LED Lights



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