Payflex Payment Method

What is Payflex?

Payflex is a brilliant new way to pay. With Payflex, you can shop now and pay later – and it won’t cost you a cent more. That’s right, with Payflex it’s zero interest, zero fees, and zero catch – all the way to the bank.

Flex the way you pay with a Payflex free payment plan. Now you can get those shoes you’ve had your eye on, or that new TV set and pay only 25% today with the rest spread over three easy instalments. Best of all, Payflex does not charge interest or fees*, so why not?

Payflex is better than online credit. It is a debt-free spending plan for smart spenders who want to get what they want today without getting into debt.

*unless you’re late or miss a payment, but we know you won’t do that!

Why use Payflex over other payment methods?

PayflexOther online payment methods
Get it now, pay later, receive your goods upfront – with a pay day in between!Pay in full, upfront before receiving your goods. No money, no shopping.
Easy application process, completed in seconds, online with no paperwork.It takes ages to apply for credit, and you need to submit loads of documents.
Interest and fee FREE! No catch!High cost of interest and fees on all credit facilities.
CHOICE! Get it now, pay later OR get it now, pay now.No flexibility. You have to pay in full, now.

How does Pay Later work?

Payflex offers you a free spending plan – No interest. No fees. No catch.

At checkout, select Payflex as your payment method and get what you want now, pay 25% upfront and the balance over the next 6 weeks. No interest. No fees. No catch. (Unless you’re late or miss a payment, but we know you won’t do that!)

Did we mention you’ll get your order delivered after your first instalment? Think of it as a reverse layby. Shop for what you want now, get it delivered instantly and Pay Later. There’s never been a sweeter deal.

Win with Payflex

Shop now, Pay Later

Pay only 25% upfront and the rest interest-free over 6 weeks. It won't cost you a cent more and you get your goods today.

Sign up in seconds

Be approved in less than 10 seconds. With no paperwork. All we need is an ID number and it's off to the shops you go.

Pay with a single click

Pay with a single Quick-Click™ once you're signed up. It's the fastest payment experience in SA.

You're special

Get access to a ton of specials, promotions and insider info. Lucky you!

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