Rugged SA’s guide to protect your rugged phone from water damage.

Just because all our Rugged Phones are IP68 rated at Rugged SA, does not always mean that water can’t cause damage. An IP68 rugged rating means that the phone can survive in freshwater up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes and even if all the necessary safety and steps are followed, even steam could […]

How much should you actually be spending when buying a rugged phone?

When buying a Rugged Phone, you get the same features than a smartphone and much more. So what features are there to look at and what the 3 different budget classes are. There are many features to consider and extras that can benefit you when buying a Rugged phone. The 3 Budget Classes: Budget Rugged […]

Why should you use a Rugged Tablet in the workplace

Much like the standard smart tablets we all know a rugged tablet offers you the large screen real-estate and latest OS (Depended on the device specification), in addition, rugged tablets offer the opportunity to add enterprise features such as barcode and biometric scanning. The rugged equipment is designed to minimize downtime and in turn, reduce […]

Charging Your Rugged Device – Do’s And Don’ts

All batteries have an expiry date. Same is true for smartphones’ batteries as well. However, the way you use your smartphone also goes a long way in deciding the longevity of your device’s battery. Charging habits as well as the chargers you use also play an important role. For example, leaving your phone charging through […]

?Top 10 Rugged SA Reviews Of The Week ?

 Rugged SA is proud to present the Top 10 Reviews of the week! Are you a member of the Rugged SA family? Find out below!   1. “I am already using my Blackview BL6000 Pro Phone…The Camera is crystal clear, the Speed is Awesome…l am giving it a 10/10 rate…“  – Sipho 2.  “Just want to thank Rugged SA for the great […]

We Are Proud To Introduce The First 2 Rugged Phones that Boasts 5G Connectivity

Blackview BL6000 Pro 5G is the first of its kind The BL6000 Pro is equipped with cutting-edge 5G strength to give you blazing-fast 5G connectivity.  All of this while maintaing the tough DNA of Blackview’s robust phone characteriteritics you have become accustomed to. With excellent water-resistant, drop-proof, and dustproof performance,  and the ability to operate at -30°C freezing temperature that currently no other […]

Top 10 Extreme Rugged Reviews Of All Time

Rugged SA is proud to present the Top 10 Extreme Rugged Reviews of all time! Are you a member of the Rugged Smartphone family? Find out below if your Rugged Review was Extreme Enough to make the cut! 1. “I was sitting outside my flat next to my front door using my BV9000. I was approached […]


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