Why should you use a Rugged Tablet in the workplace

Much like the standard smart tablets we all know a rugged tablet offers you the large screen real-estate and latest OS (Depended on the device specification), in addition, rugged tablets offer the opportunity to add enterprise features such as barcode and biometric scanning.

The rugged equipment is designed to minimize downtime and in turn, reduce operational spend all while simplifying work processes. Through the powerful construction and design, it enables employees to access data in real-time, with powerful connectivity options and durability, thus improving operational efficiency in many functions and departments.

With an array of configurations available you can choose from mid-tier to high-level specifications as well as compact to large screen sizes (7”, 8”, 10” and 12”). The common feature around all these different models and configurations will always remain the ruggedized build ensuring that all tablets will carry at least an IP65 rating ensuring protection from water and dust ingress on the unit as well as a Military-grade drop specification ensuring that your device will be protected against most drops and tumbles and keeping you online for longer.

Enterprises will benefit from using rugged tablets especially if their devices are regularly exposed to water or dust, extreme temperatures or elevated areas (where there is a risk of breakage due to dropping) will be most prevalent. When manufacturing these rugged devices, convenience and durability are usually the first two factors that manufacturers consider.

The solution rugged tablets offer to any organization is the limiting of spend due to downtime and repair costs on smart devices all while ensuring the user has every tool required available to complete a project to the best of their ability within a single device. This said these units can be made to function for most environments with the addition of 2D barcodes scanners, biometric fingerprint readers, Vehicle or fixed docking stations, and an array of other accessories and harnesses to suit your personal enterprise requirements

To get a tailormade solution for you or your business contact our sales team at Rugged SA sales@ruggedsa.co.za or check our compact but capable RuggEX Titan 2.0 as the preferred Android-based enterprise tablet in the South African market


Please note that all repair devices take 10 – 15 working days.