Top 10 Extreme Rugged Reviews Of All Time

Rugged SA is proud to present the Top 10 Extreme Rugged Reviews of all time! Are you a member of the Rugged Smartphone family? Find out below if your Rugged Review was Extreme Enough to make the cut!

“I was sitting outside my flat next to my front door using my BV9000. I was approached by a person carrying a panga in his hand. He took a swing at me while I was still sitting down. I had my phone in my left hand. I put up my hands to block the blow of the panga. The phone took the brunt of the blow as can be seen in the photos. Luckily the BV9000 is one hell of a tough phone, I believe that any other phone would have disintegrated on impact and my injuries would have been horrific!!! Thank you Black View for making tough phones that save lives!!!”
 – Lane Rollo 21/05/2020
 “Mine has gone with me tubing through rapids, wading across rivers, been dropped, been nibbled on and kicked by horses and still going strong. Natural wear (like the battery not lasting as well as it used to and the charge port cover breaking off from being opened and closed so often) has been the only thing that has needed to be fixed”
– Wilson Sheri 05/03/2021
 “My brother and father are farmers and since they started using RUGGED SA Blackview phones they keep them in one piece… These phones don’t break, don’t crash anything, amazing quality, so strong…. My dad is the one who drives over phones with tractors, and seems only Rugged phones survive him…!”
– Karina Cloete 23/10/2021
“Great phone to take on any adventure,  be it trail running or mountain biking.  Besides that it has ant+ so you can use it with any supported devices like a Polar b4 hr strap.
And it is even versatile enough to catch a few Pokemon on the way,  if that is what you are into!”
– Phillip Gibb 27/01/2017

“Best rugged smartphone to date that I have had in a long time which I use on a daily basis on my Game Farm. The toolbox comes in very handy on a daily basis.”

– Jimmy Nagy  09/08/2020

Excellent after-sales service and my Blackview just had a fall off a 11 meter power pillon and still works
–  Willem Van Graan 28/01/2019
“Does what it says very well. Dropped phone a few times. Even on corners. If you want to turn any high spec phone into a rugged phone for a fraction of the cost. This is definitely the way to do it”
– Don Curle 8/01/2020
“Got the BV6000 and its a super Robust Phone that wont drop you.  Rugged Sa has the best after-sales customer care that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with as well.
Totally around greatness when it comes to service delivery.”
Keep it up!”– Dewald Hough 04/06/2017
“No more worries for those water accidents as this phone is absolutely water friendly! Big vibrant clear screen with fast android apps. Let’s call this a jam-proof phone! This is an amazing phone! Absolutely love it!”
– Nelmarie Eloff 21/09/2018
“Absolutely love the functionality of these phones. Life is tough, why shouldn’t your phone be too?”

– Barbara Da Coasta 27/07/2020

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