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UleFone Armor 10 5G Multifunctional Protective Case

Ulefone Armor 6S

UleFone Armor 10 5G Multifunctional Protective Case

Please Note:
If you are buying any Ulefone Rugged devices from ANY other store than Rugged SA, a PREMIUM AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR for Ulefone Rugged Smartphones, you may be buying a grey imported/unauthorized distributed product which could lead to an invalid/non-existing product warranty.
Please Note: The Wireless Charger is Not Included in The Packaging & Is Sold Separately.

Key Features...

  • Case Size (mm): 182*88.3x15.1
  • Carabiner Size (mm): 147.12*40.42*6.71
  • Package Content: 1x Protective Case; 1x Back Clip; 1x Carabiner ; 1x Sling
  • Back Clip Size (mm): 72.14*28.98*18.19
  • Sling Length (mm): 284
  • Case Material: PC

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 18.2 × 8.83 × 1.51 cm

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