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Security and access control as an industry is one that requires some of the toughest devices in the market. Due to the general conditions guards and patrolling units work in they would need a device that is robust tech to keep them connected and ensure they are online at all times. Rugged phones, tablets and scanners offer this with regards to an array of unique features ensuring your guard force stays active at all times of the day to delay down time to your clients.

  • IP68 Rating ensures come rain or shine your device is up to the challenge 

  • Military specification 810-G build quality ensures the most robust tech available on the market 

  • 1D/2D barcode scanning ensures fast and effective visitor management and secure entry protocols on all sites

  • Dedicated PTT ensures your forces are able to communicate live at all times

  • NFC offers patrolling 24/7

  • Large battery devices ensure maximum uptime and availability of workforce

  • Unique power solutions ensures uptime even in dreaded loadshedding scenarios 

Key devices in the Security sector

Solutions for the Security Industry

  • MDM (Mobile Device Management)
  • Access control/Visitor management
  • PTT (Push-to-talk)
  • Patroling
  • Fleet management
  • Hardware rentals and leasing

Rugged SA has assisted one of the largest security companies in South Africa with a full solution offering not only the hardware required but the software as well to ensure all the clients’ needs are met to operate day to day activities as a leader in the security market.

The project started with a rollout of 2 500 Rugged phones (Ulefone Amor X8i) and Rugged tablets (RuggEX K15A) ensuring connectivity of security guards and the managers, to equip the guards and ensure safeguarding of valuable information we enrolled all devices on a PTT (Push-to talk) platform and SOTI; a Mobile device Management platform ensuring cost effective data use and the secure transaction of all communication and media evidence gathered by guards and their managers.

Phase two of the rollout was to equip the full fleet with the hardware and software required to effectively manage and route all the vehicles in their fleet. We created a solution around the RUGGEX VT-10 in-vehicle rugged tablet along with the client’s own Android based route planning and dispatching application not only saving the client money by route planning but keeping track of critical fleet maintenance.

The final step of the rollout was to offer a full visitor management solution to replace outdated paper-based solution the client was making use of to manage entry onto their customers premises and security of these premises, we partnered with a well-known local visitor management software provider to provide 400 of our Chainway C66 scanners to various sites over South Africa and Namibia ensuring security guards capture accurate vehicle and visitor details in seconds to relieve congestion and allow for secure access to all their private and public sites. All the while empowering managers and stakeholders to track employee check-in and check-out times, get accurate data scanned directly from drivers- and vehicle licences and ensuring access to real time reports safely backed up on cloud storage with all POPIA requirements adhered to.

All these steps were implemented over a very short rollout period of 4months and with a custom SLA offered to the client they can rest assured that their hardware and software will enjoy a full service plan and warranty for 5 years giving them peace of mind to concentrate on their core business functions.

Please note that all repair devices take 10 – 15 working days.