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SDIGITAL LIGHTYEAR Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker | Rugged SA
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Bluetooth Speaker - SDIGITAL LIGHTYEAR Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

SDIGITAL LIGHTYEAR Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

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LightYear - The Wireless Sound and Light Time Machine, with Dual USB Charging ports, Bluetooth Audio, Rubber Bulb LED lighting and 12 hour Built In Lithium Battery

The way we wake up every morning makes a big difference to our lives. Medical research has indicated that waking up in darkness tends to make people feel depressed, irritable and tired all day long, and can even have long term negative effects on our health. So the answer is to wake up the natural way our ancestors did – to a real sunrise, with a gradually increasing intensity of light to gently awaken to a fully conscious state. And this is exactly how the LightYear wakes you up: with a gorgeous simulated sunrise every morning inside your bedroom, using the latest power-saving LED lighting technology.

We've engineered a color calibrated LED lighting system, which is microprocessor controlled to project a complete sunrise event in a preprogrammed sequence that happens in precisely 15 minutes. Just set the alarm time and experience “dawn” 15 minutes before the alarm begins. As the simulated sunrise takes place, your room will light up gradually but consistently from an amber glow of daybreak to the proportional intensity of a full mid-morning sun, just as the music wakes you up.

LightYear doesn’t wake you to the jarring sounds of a bell or buzzer. We’ve built in 3 beautiful nature sounds that will bring you out of slumber with a soothing atmosphere. Two of these are sounds of pure nature: Bird Sanctuary and Dance of the Ocean Waves. And the third is an alluring nature inspired flute melody that we call “Song of the Forest Birds”. All specially selected to relax your senses so that you awake relaxed and calm, ready to face the day. If you prefer, LightYear can even wake you to your favourite FM radio station, using the digital FM tuner that’s also built-in.

Safety is our number one concern, so we built our LED lighting system with the worlds first custom made soft-silicone rubber bulb! It generates no heat, is completely unbreakable and totally toxic free. You can even use the LED light manually, as a reading or soft mood (or night) light - switch it on or off with the push of a button. It even has 15 selectable levels of brightness that you can choose. And LightYear's precision quartz clock, uses a white LED display that can be dimmed or even switched off at night.

But LightYear is a lot more. We’ve built in a high quality Wireless Audio system, that delivers crisp clear music from any smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth. There’s even an AUX input jack to connect to a non-Bluetooth device! And we’ve included a DUAL USB charger, so you can charge 2 devices overnight with LightYear, so you won’t need any additional chargers by your bedside.

In order to safeguard your morning wake-up call and ensure that even a power failure or loose socket doesn’t create a problem during the night, we built in a full backup power supply into LightYear, using an advanced automatically recharging Lithium battery, which acts an an uninterruptible power supply! It means that no matter what, LightYear will do it’s job in the morning, to wake you up on time, without fail.

LightYear : the Sound and Light Time Machine that’s made for a healthy wake up call every morning.




Features / Tech Specs:

- Soft Glow Unbreakable Silicone Bulb LED Lamps

- Lamp is manually dimmable (20 steps) or digitally Controlled to Simulate Sunrise

- Display Dimmer for Night Time Comfort Lighting (3 modes: Normal, Dim, Off)

- 1000mAh Lithium Cell (Uninterruptable Power Supply) built-in

- Operates Rechargeable without AC power for over 8 hours.

- Extra Soft White LED (0.9”) Clock with Dimmer for Night Time Comfort

- High Definition Suspension-Cone Speaker Driver

- AC Operation using External AC-Adaptor

- Low Power Consumption for Maximum Environmental Efficiency (ErP2)

- 4-LED Multi-Color CPU Controlled Lighting System

- 3 Digital Nature Sound Tracks to Wake Up

- Bluetooth Wireless Receiver Built-In for Audio Streaming (A2DP)

- PLL FM Stereo Radio Tuner with Station Memory Presets

- Also Can Wake to Radio Preset Stations

- 2x USB-Ports for Universal Charging of Mobile Phones (5V, 1.5A Total Output)


Power Supply:

- Built-In Rechargeable Lithium Battery : 3.7V 1000mAh for UPS/ Backup Function

- AC to DC external Switching Power Adaptor : AC 100-240V, DC 5V/2A

- DC Input Jack : 5V/2A



- 3.5 Stereo Aux In Jack Built-In

- Built-In 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack

- Ext. DC Power Input Jack Built-In

- USB Socket For FAST Charging, 5V @1A (Top-Left)

- USB Socket For Normal Charging, 5V @500mA (Top-Right)


Lithium Battery:

- Full charging time: 2.30 hours

- Back up time:

a) when Clock display on: 21 Hours (Standby mode at low dimmer)

b) when Clock display off: 30 Hours (Standby mode)

- Operation time (during playback in 70% vol.):

a) with only Clock display ON : 7 Hours (High dimmer mode)

b) with only light ON : 3.5 Hours (Light level 10.)

c) with both Clock display + light ON: 3 Hours ( Display high dimmer + Light level 10)



- AC to DC Switching Mode External Power Adaptor : AC 100-240V, DC 5V/2A

- Aux-In Audio Cable : 3.5 To 3.5mm Stereo

- USB Charging Cable : Micro USB To Normal USB Plug


Product Size:

- 185(W) x 180(H) x 85(D) mm / 7.28 x 7.09 x 3.34 Inches

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