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Rugged SA ELITE 360 Tank Armor Case for iPhone X/Xs

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Rugged SA ELITE 360 Tank Armor Case for iPhone X

Rugged Covers on a whole new Level

Everyone has a smartphone, but not everyone has a unique phone case. Have you ever thought of having a cellphone case that will keep your phone in the spotlight while protecting your phone? Perhaps the Tank is your best bet.

As cellphone screens become larger and larger, they become more vulnerable. If your cell phone accidentally falls to the ground, it will cost you an arm and n leg to repair it. Rugged SA's Tank uses an aluminum alloy body to enhance the fall resistance, with the middle of the buffer against the TPU, and the hottest tempered glass screen protection, supplemented by high-end Silicone elements, really make your phone extremely rugged. You can use your cell phone anywhere, anytime, anywhere.

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