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Rugged SA Service Guarantee | Rugged SA
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Rugged SA - TOUGHEST Brand In Africa
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Rugged SA Service Guarantee

What is a company without outstanding service?

Currently Rugged SA has 5000+ happy customers and 1000+ 5-star reviews. On top of that we generate 1000's of smiles every time our clients hear or see the name Rugged SA.

It is proven that 99% off all online shoppers will only purchase a product if they gain trust in the store they buy from. Shoppers are looking at many important factors such as the store's existence, the products and their availability, and most important, the service (before & after) of the store they purchase from.

At Rugged SA, we are well aware of all these factors and pride ourselves to be industry leaders for each in our field,  especially our amazing service!

Having year's of experience in customer satisfaction we offer this service guarantee to each and every customer every second of every day.

Our service guarantee is not just backed up by our great looking website, our phenomenal Facebook following, or our relentless effort to make and keep all our client's satisfied, but also by our customers' feedback and reviews.

Below are some of our latest satisfied customers:

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