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Rhino Mobile FAQ's | Rugged SA
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Why Rhino Mobile? 

  •  - Rhino Mobile is the first South African mobile network dedicated to ruggedized mobile devices ✔
  •  - Rhino Mobile offers the opportunity for customers to take out a top-up contract on their favourite Rugged phone✔
  •  - Rhino Mobile offers different top-up contract options✔

What is the duration of a Rhino Mobile contract?

 - All Rhino Mobile contracts have a duration of 24 months

What type of contract options does Rhino Mobile offer?

 - Rhino Mobile offers a variety of contract types:

1. Talk More Rhino 50:

    -- 50 Minutes + 100MB Data x 24

2. Talk More Rhino 200 (Most Popular):

    -- 200 Minutes + 1GB Data x 24

3. Stream More Rhino 2000

   -- 2GB Data x 24

4. Stream More Rhino 4000

   -- 4GB Data x 24

What signal towers do Rhino Mobile use?

 - Rhino Mobile is powered by Cell C enabling it to fall within the Cell C signal umbrella.

Can I upgrade to a Rhino Mobile contract?

 - No, however, your existing mobile number can be ported to a Rhino Mobile contract SIM if:

             1. Your existing contract is cancelled 
             2. Your existing contract has ended

How does device warranty work on Rhino Mobile?

 - The warranty of all Rhino Mobile contract devices lie with Rugged SA.

 - Device warranty conforms to the standard Rugged SA warranty & returns policy that can be found here

Is my Rhino Mobile device locked to only use a Rhino Mobile SIM?

 - NO, all Rugged SA devices are unlocked meaning any mobile network is supported.

Can I use 2 different mobile network SIM cards in my dual-SIM device?

Yes, all our devices are open to any and all networks.

Can I Top-Up my Rhino Mobile contract?

 - Yes, all Rhino mobile contracts are top-up contracts which enable you to top-up your data and airtime.

How do I Top-Up my Rhino Mobile contract?

 - You may Top-Up your Rhino Mobile contract with any Cell C top-up voucher

*Please note that cheaper rates will become effective once the Rhino Mobile Top-Up platform is live. Expected date is 1 Nov 2018.

What are the Rhino Mobile Out-Of-Bundle rates?



100 MB 

300 MB 

500 MB 

1024 MB 

2048 MB

R 25 

R 57

R 89 

R 129

R 229

R 10 

R 30 

R 50 

R 100 

R 200

*Please note that these rates will become effective once the Rhino Mobile Top-Up platform is live. Expected date is 1 Nov 2018.

What about RICA?

 - Rhino Mobile will RICA your SIM on your behalf when your application is being processed.

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