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MobiCred | Rugged SA
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Rugged SA Mobicred

MobiCred is an online account that gives you, the buyer, access to credit, which you can use to pay for an order on Rugged SA. The facility works in a similar fashion to retail store credit: only online. MobiCred charges interest rates comparable to those of credit card providers and only levies monthly fees while the account is used (unlike most credit cards).

How do I use MobiCred on Rugged SA?

1) Register for a Mobicred account at www.mobicred.co.za

2) Place an order with Rugged SA

3) Checkout and choose PayFast as the payment option

4) Choose MobiCred from the list of PayFast payment methods

4) Login with your Mobicred account details

5) Your Rugged SA order will be paid when your MobiCred application is accepted by yourself

Interest is generally charged at 21.00% per year. Please note the annual interest rate may change.
Please visit www.mobicred.co.za for more information.

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