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COVID-19 | Company Update | Rugged SA
#COVID-19 Closure Information
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COVID-19 | Company Update



Rugged SA, as a company at whole, will be closed during the COVID-19 National Lock-down Period in SA.

Our online store will remain open, however, all orders will ONLY be processed & shipped once the lock-down has been removed and it is once again safe for day-to-day operations to continue as normal.

Our Head-Office & Showroom will be CLOSED from 26 March (Thursday) until further notice. 

Our support teams will be on remote standby to assist our current customers with the best support that we can possibly give. 

We are operating remotely with minimal staff and will attend to your query as soon as practically possible.

As per current dates communicated by our President, we should re-open by 17 April (Friday). However, if there are any changes to these policies and/or measures, Rugged SA will communicate it's updated state and/or new measures as soon as possible to ensure our clients are up to date with our operations.

It is truly unfortunate that we, as well as the rest of the world, find ourselves in such terrible & harmful conditions. However, in order to stand once again, we need to stand together.

Rugged SA fully adhere to the seriousness of this pandemic to fully support all measures taken in order to restore our fantastic country to it's healthy state as soon as possible.

We fully support and stand by our nation's pandemic and emergency sectors to fight this and once again to retain & restore our national state of health, well known not only by the people of South Africa, but by the rest of the world.

We do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this statement, however, this is bigger than any of us and would take absolute UNITY in order to fight this pandemic and be a great country once more.

We wish you, and every single person reading this, to be healthy, and stay safe.

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