How much should you actually be spending when buying a rugged phone?

When buying a Rugged Phone, you get the same features than a smartphone and much more.

So what features are there to look at and what the 3 different budget classes are.

There are many features to consider and extras that can benefit you when buying a Rugged phone.

The 3 Budget Classes:

Budget Rugged Phones:

Price range: R2500 – R3500

When buying your Budget rugged phone there are a few compromises that needs to be made to stay in the price range. Some compromises may include camera, battery, and the RAM. The budget class is ideal for people with low budgets and who needs a regular day to day rugged phone without all the smart features and extras.

Some of our budget rugged phones are:

  • Ulefone Armor x7 Pro
  • Blackview BV5500 Plus

Mid-Range Rugged Phones:

Price Range: R4000 – R8000

Mid-range rugged phones are perfect if you are looking at a full feature rugged phone.

Mid-Range rugged phones have more features and extras available than the budget phones. The mid-range is the affordable option that provides you with great performance and features. The Mid-Range is a great choice for balance between the price and the performance.

Some of our Mid-Range rugged phones are:

  • Blackview BV6300 Pro
  • Blackview BV9600E
  • Ulefone Armor 7E

The High-End Rugged Phones:

Price Range: R9000 – R14000

The high-end rugged phones are loaded with features and extra’s. The high-end rugged phones give you the same performance and features as the top of the range Android Smartphones, they are just more rugged.

The high-end rugged phones have extra’s including, night vision cameras, thermal imaging cameras, 5G connectivity and much more. The high-end rugged phones can be pricey, but you get your bucks worth. These high-end rugged phones are a great for people who work full time in constructions, logistics, or any other outdoor professions.

Some of our High-end rugged phones are:

  • Ulefone Armor 10
  • Blackview BL6000 Pro
  • Ulefone Armor 11
  • Blackview BV9900 Pro

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