?Top 10 Rugged SA Reviews Of The Week ?

 Rugged SA is proud to present the Top 10 Reviews of the week! Are you a member of the Rugged SA family? Find out below!


“I am already using my Blackview BL6000 Pro Phone…The Camera is crystal clear, the Speed is Awesome…l am giving it a 10/10 rate…

 – Sipho


 “Just want to thank Rugged SA for the great service that I received. I bought a led light bar and by mistake bought the wrong one. They exchanged it and gave me the right one. Thank you once again. God bless”

– Anible


 “Blackview BV5100 – I LOVE this phone, its everything its promoted to be actually waterproof, tough metal body, torch button on the side, fingerprint unlock button on the side, so much memory space for Spotify and photos, cool camera with underwater mode -makes buttons activated-, intuitive software layout, making it easy to monitor and control data usage and apps and all this for only 4.5k!! Unbeatable when you look at what’s out there”

– Ivan


“I just got my new Ulefone armour 8 it feels great to operate nice looks awesome in red just wanted to say thanks for SPEEEEEEEEDY DELIVERY less than 24hours and it’s in my hand. Thanks, Rugged SA

– Dewald


“The BL6000 Pro is a brilliant rugged design that I have used in a number of outdoor activities that includes water over the last month. It is a solid phone that so far conforms to its technical specifications in a practical way. I can recommend it to friends”

– Theuns


“The Blackview keyboard works very well. The keys are solid and have a quality feel. The keyboard used power from the tablet to operate so need to switch off the tablet when not in use to conserve energy. Overall very happy with this keyboard

–  Phil


UleFone Armor 8 – I think you have to see and feel the phone in action. I have had pretty much all the Apple and Android phones. I have broken every single one. After using this phone I will never go back to those overly priced phones again. It works and feels like a smartphone 5 times the price. After my mates have held it and seen it in action, they want one.  Finally, a phone that has a battery life I have never experienced before, after heavy usage, maps, and emails”

– Brett


“I am an Artisan working in an industrial area. My phone got damaged due to the extreme environment. Rugged repaired my phone and I did think I would be more impressed by anything other than my BV9500 plus, but the service from Rugged SA impressed me! I will never buy a smartphoneanywhere else ever again. Thank you Rugged SA for making my work easier!”

– Frederick


UleFone Armor X – Rugged SA, Best prices and Best teamservice, its been a while since my first purchase, I’m grateful, with your phones

– Mandla


“My Blackview A80 has an excellent battery and is enjoyable and easy to use”

– Shelly-Anne

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Please note that all repair devices take 10 – 15 working days.